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Financial Modeling Tool

Financial Modeling Tool

Unsubsidized affordable SMMF preservation is often viewed by financiers as a niche market and many existing financing products for affordable housing are not designed for this property type. These factors can make it difficult to assemble sufficient financing for preservation. This toolkit provides an overview of financial products that can support your unsubsidized affordable SMMF preservation project, along with this interactive tool through which you can evaluate project feasibility and potential financing gaps to help you build appropriate financing strategies.

Two versions of the financial modeling tool are available: 

  • An interactive, 5-step version based on some common assumptions, appears on this page
  • A comprehensive version where you can edit all the underlying values


For details on the construction and assumptions involved in the financial modeling tool, see the technical documentation for Atlanta, GA or Miami, FL

Please view this page on a larger screen to use this embedded tool